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" The turbine is a positive visual statement for the College and a daily reminder for all students to be eco-friendly. The turbine and the output data support many projects for our students. "

15kW Solution

Banner Image of 15kW Solution

The Evance 15kW wind turbine solution delivers maximum energy yield

Versatile modular solution

To meet site specific requirements more multiple installations of the R9000 turbine are now supporting applications that need 15kW of power.  At the centre of the 15kW wind turbine solution are three R9000 small wind turbines which deliver highly efficient energy generation and also a scalable and versatile solution. With turbines generating energy this system is more resilient than just one larger turbine, and also enables more intelligent use of the energy via connection options.

Great return on investment - lock down electricity costs for 20 years

As soon as the system is commissioned and the wind blows - savings are made. With rising energy costs many more people are turning to small wind as an investment in a sustainable future - customers are reducing energy costs by 75% - customers are turning from oil to affordable wind power.

Locking down electricity costs, gaining some energy security, and getting a great return on investment has got to be a winning combination.

An Evance 15kW solution could save over £5,700 per year on energy bills – for up to 20 years.

Based on an Evance R9000 5kW wind turbine generating 13,700kWh per year with an annual wind speed of 6m/s and a cost of 14p per kWh.

In the UK and other countries, you can also receive an income for generating renewable energy and exporting power to the national grid. Owners of the Evance R9000 in the UK are eligible for Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs). This UK incentive scheme provides financial rewards for the generation of renewable energy – more information is available on the incentives page.

Read how the historic and remote Kirkstone Pass Inn stays open to business due to energy from an Evance 15kW off-grid solution.

Maximum energy yield

The R9000 starts generating energy at low wind speeds and is designed to run continuously at high wind speeds, so providing the maximum yield possible - giving you energy generation when the wind is blowing at its strongest.

Also unlike some other turbines the R9000 continues to generate energy in strong winds – as seen in areas of the UK last winter when peak gusts of over 130mph (58 metres per second) were recorded.

The R9000 delivers you class leading performance - maximising the kilowatt hours of energy produced.

Over 1,800 turbines installed throughout the UK and in many other countries ... millions of operating hours in the field

Connection flexibility

With this modular solution there are connection routing options so energy can be distributed to suite your application and maximise usage, for example, each turbine can be routed to a different application location. By connecting to the grid in this way can generally mean no costly grid upgrade, which is probably needed if one larger turbine is installed, and there are adaptable solutions for remote locations where there are grid constrains.

Visual amenity & noise

The R9000 wind turbine is small and unobtrusive so has very little effect on the visual quality of the area. With a modern and visually pleasing design it blends into its surroundings - as shown by installations within National Parks and areas of natural beauty.

All small wind generators create some noise due to parts moving in the wind. As three turbines are installed at the same location/site we recommend that the turbines are around 230m from a neighbouring property so disturbance is minimised.

An Evance 15kW system in the Lake District National Park is less noisy than a diesel generator

In the UK, noise levels are measured to the standard set by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). The R9000 turbine fulfilled the noise criteria and all others to become fully certified in July 2010.

Minimal maintenance

Both the wind turbine and the tower are designed to provide outstanding durability - a minimum design life of 20 years. With few moving parts, in particular no gearbox, the R9000’s maintenance is minimal.

Like all small wind turbines planning is required for installation but as the R9000 is installed, and serviced, at ground level no cranes are needed so no permission is required for site access.

Check if wind power could work for you and see our wind turbines being installed and in use… video clip

Find out how to buy so you can start reducing your electricity bills.

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Watch the video

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